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Best 2 Things You Need to Know About the Front Feeding Table of Hydraulic Shearing Machines

Front Feeding Table of Hydraulic Shearing Machine

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The front feeding table of the CNC shearing machine adopts a motorized back gauge device. And an electronic counter, which is convenient to adjust the position of the back gauge. The overall welded frame structure is used, and the vibration aging treatment is carried out. The machine tool has good rigidity, high precision, and good precision retention. The tool rest is made of steel structure. Under the action of the oil cylinder, it moves up and down along the roller to realize the shearing action. The front feeding frame is made of steel structural parts, which are tempered to eliminate internal stress, have strong rigidity and good stability. Front Feeding Table

Front Feeding Table Structure
Front Feeding Table Structure

The front feeding table is driven by imported precision ball screws, guided by linear guide rails. And driven by digital AC servo motors. The positioning is accurate, the operation is fast and stable, and the front feeding table is arranged by steel balls and brushes. The positioning speed of the three-axis CNC motor can be adjusted arbitrarily, thereby improving work efficiency. The parameter adjustment function is set in the system, and the reference point of the two axes can be modified arbitrarily.

Thereby adjusting the positioning value of the CNC system. The system is equipped with an automatic retreat function, which can make the feeding frame move away in time during the shearing process. Avoid the friction between the blade and the sheet during the shearing process. Each time the machine is powered on and off, the two axes controlled by the CNC system can automatically find the reference point when the machine is restarted to ensure repeatable positioning accuracy. Front Feeding Table

The utility model relates to a front feeding device of a shearing machine that can automatically feed the material. And the feeding position is accurate. It includes a support frame with a screw nut guide rail slider mechanism on the support frame, the guide rail slider in the screw nut guide rail slider is connected with the load-bearing beam, and the load-bearing beam is set on the support frame according to the drag of the linear slide rail;

A pneumatic clamp is set on the load-bearing beam for pinching the cutting board; a driven pulley is fixed on one side of the screw nut, a servo motor is fixed on the support frame. And the output shaft of the servo motor is set to the driving pulley, the driving pulley, and the driving pulley are connected by a synchronous belt. Front Feeding Table

Front Feeding Table Device
Front Feeding Table Device

The front feeding device of the shearing machine includes a plate spring and a support point operating table fixed on the bottom frame. It is characterized in that the bottom frame is located on the front and rear sides of the support point operating table. And there are also linear guide sliders on the bottom frame. There is also a mobile structure set on the linear guide slider on the chassis, and two mobile clamps and a rotary clamping mechanism are set on the mobile structure. The utility model can realize the feeding and positioning function of conventional sheet materials. And can also realize the cutting and feeding function of sheet materials at random angles. Front Feeding Table

The feeder frame is set at the entrance of the CNC shearing machine along with the horizontal orientation. And the screw nut pair has two parallel surfaces which are parallel to the inlet orientation of the CNC shearing machine and set at the feeder frame according to the rotating support plate.

The middle of the nut on the lead screw nut pair is fixedly connected according to the connecting plate; the lead screw nut of at least one lead screw nut pair is driven to rotate by a servo motor; the upper edge of the nut of the lead screw nut pair A support frame connected to the feeding tongs is set in the vertical orientation. And the feeding tongs are set on the top of the supporting frame along with the horizontal orientation; one side of the dragging frame is vertically connected to the shearing machine and widens along with the horizontal orientation;

The widening orientation of the material support frame is the same as that of the screw nut pair. And a plurality of material support rollers is set successively and equally spaced along with the horizontal orientation on the material support frame.

Front Feeding Table
Front Feeding Table

Advantages of Front Feeding Table

1. Compared with ordinary shearing machines, the front feeding table can completely replace manual labor. It is mainly used for cutting and blanking various sizes of plates and has high efficiency and blanking. It can realize automatic programming, automatic positioning, automatic cutting, automatic feeding, Automatic return, and other functions.

2. Protection function:

  • Over-limit protection, when the travel reaches the limit, it will automatically stop the movement to avoid crashes.
Mobile Clamps
Mobile Clamps
  • Self-diagnostic protection function, when software, system or electrical failures, it will automatically alarm to remind inspection and troubleshooting.
  • Air pressure protection function, when the air pressure is too low, it will alarm and stop working to avoid damage to pneumatic components.
  • Voltage protection function, when the voltage fluctuation is too large, it will automatically alarm and stop working to avoid damage to the servo system and electrical.

3. For components and software programs, pneumatic automatic clamps are selected, with large clamping force, stable feeding, and convenient operation.

Precautions For Front Feeding Table

1. It is forbidden to cut 2 sheets of different specifications and materials at the same time; no stacking cutting is allowed. The cut sheet requires that the surface is leveled, and it is forbidden to cut narrow and short sheets that are difficult to clamp. The gap between the blades should be adjusted according to the thickness of the plate. But should not exceed 1/30 of the plate thickness. The knife plate should be tightened firmly, and the upper and lower knife gluten should be kept parallel to each other. After adjustment, manual turning detection should be used to prevent accidents.

Cutting Material
Cutting Material

2. The tooth surface of the blade should be kept sharp. If the tooth surface becomes blunt, there will be cracking problems, and it should be replaced immediately.

3. When cutting, the pressing device should firmly clamp the sheet, and it is forbidden to cut without pressing.

4. For machinery and equipment with hydraulic devices, it is forbidden to adjust other hydraulic valves except for the throttle valve without authorization.

​5. Before working, it is necessary to check whether the shearing machine is normal. Whether the electrical equipment is intact, and whether the air intake system is unobstructed; remove the special tools, measuring instruments, and other debris and corner waste placed on the table and surrounding areas.

A hydraulic shearing machine with a front feeding table is a specialized industrial machine used for cutting various sheet metal materials, such as steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, into precise and straight-line shapes. This type of shearing machine is commonly used in metal fabrication and manufacturing processes, where efficiency, accuracy, and automation are essential. Here are the key features and components of a hydraulic shearing machine with a front feeding table:

Hydraulic System: The machine is equipped with a hydraulic system that provides the necessary force to cut through the sheet metal. It uses hydraulic cylinders and pumps to generate the required pressure for the cutting process.

Cutting Blade: The cutting blade is a sharp, hardened tool made of high-quality steel. It is mounted on the lower part of the machine, and the sheet metal is positioned above it. When the hydraulic system is activated, the blade moves upward to shear the material against a fixed blade or lower die, resulting in a clean, straight cut.

Front Feeding Table: The front feeding table is an important feature of this machine. It is located in front of the cutting area and serves as a platform for loading and positioning the sheet metal to be cut. Operators can place large sheets of metal on the feeding table, making it easier to process larger workpieces.

Hydraulic Shearing Machine
Hydraulic Shearing Machine

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