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What You Need to Know About Water Jet Cutting Machine

Water Jet Cutting Machine

This common method of cutting is required in the middle of production and processing in almost all industrial fields. In order to improve the cutting speed, efficiency, and scope of applications, manufacturers in related industries have begun to make continuous technological innovations. The water jet cutting machine is one of the cutting equipment with relatively better comprehensive performance.

Water Jet Cutting Machine
Water Jet Cutting Machine

3 Advantages of Water Jet Cutting

1. Wide range of cutting materials

Because the unique performance of the water cutting machine is to use high-pressure water flow as a tool to divide the processing material. It can not only cut some very thick and hard materials but also easily handle some soft materials. It can be said that materials ranging from leather rubber to marble metal are covered in the range of cutting materials of water jet cutting machines.

Cutting Materials
Cutting Materials

2. Good cutting effect

For those materials processed by the water jet, the incisions are very smooth and there are few rough burrs. In addition, because there is no thermal effect, there will be no unnecessary deformation or small slits in the middle of the material. This better cutting effect than other cutting machines has led to the emergence of large market demand for water jet cutting machines.

3. Fast-cutting speed

The water jet cutting machine is equipped with a professional cutting system, so it is only necessary to set the required graphics in advance, and the advantage of the water jet cutting machine over other cutting equipment is that it does not need to replace the cutting tools of different sizes, so use this equipment. Faster cutting speeds can be achieved to improve factory productivity and production quality.

How to Choose Right Water Jet Cutting Machine

1. Cutting speed

The water jet cutting machine is different from the traditional cutting machine. It can perform one-time cutting processing of any curve for most materials. Except for water cutting, other cutting methods will be limited by the variety of materials; therefore, the cutting speed is better than other cutting. Since it only uses ordinary water for cutting, it saves a lot of convenience at the source, and it is faster and more comprehensive to focus on cutting, which makes cutting more effective.

Water Jet Cutting
Water Jet Cutting

2. Operational safety

Another advantage of the water jet cutting machine is that it does not generate heat and harmful substances during cutting, so the material has no thermal effect and is called cold cutting. It has low cost, high speed, and high efficiency, and can also realize cutting of any curve. It is convenient and flexible, has a wide range of uses, and has reliable safety performance. In addition to high-pressure cutting in special industries such as hazardous chemicals, petroleum, coal mines, and dangerous materials, strict control is required. Water pressure and other types of water cutting have a high safety factor!

3. Product types and specifications

Water jet cutting is widely used in all kinds of cutting, except for special industries with high safety requirements, it is successful in metal, glass, ceramics, stone, and other building materials. Due to its achievements, it has extended its thinking to one-time forming and cutting of special materials such as composite materials and bulletproof materials, as well as cutting of soft, low ignition point, flammable and explosive materials, all of which have achieved considerable achievements. Therefore, when choosing, it is necessary to know the material to be cut and choose a reliable water-cutting machine.

Machine Structure
Machine Structure

Because of the bright prospects of water jet cutting, it is the main machine tool processing technology that develops rapidly in the world. The water jet has also gradually become the industry leader. The water jet machine only needs a few auxiliary operations and can produce parts without heating area, thermal deformation, or mechanical deformation caused by other cutting methods. It can process complex and changeable products, save raw materials and get better use. It can cut any material and keep the cut superior to other cuts. Together, these advantages make the future of waterjets.

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