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The shearing series is an inevitable part of sheet metal processing, from the pre-treatment of the sheet to the beautification of the finished product, which requires the cooperation of shearing machines. HARSLE not only offers conventional gate shears, pendulum shears and electric shears, but can also be equipped with various intelligent systems, and the machine itself can be equipped with a variety of accessories such as front feed and rear pallets to increase the efficiency of the machine. The upper and lower blades have four cutters each and are made of 6CrW2Si for precise shearing and long life.


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Established Nanjing HARSLE Machine Tool Co.,Ltd., engaged in the production, sales and maintenance of sheet metal machinery such as bending machines, shearing machines, punching machines, and hydraulic presses.



Provide customers with a complete set of machines for metal door processing, metal sink processing and other production lines, and have signed cooperation agreements with overseas agents to provide our customers with better services.



The annual sales of both domestic and foreign trade have exceeded 10 million dollars. More and more customers trust us and to work with us, and we have also provided them with the most suitable products. With strong export volume and excellent customer feedback, it was selected as a certified supplier by Made-in-China.com.


Our company's main products: press brake, shearing machine and hydraulic press have obtained the utility model patent certificate certified by the State Intellectual Property Office. In the following years, the CNC press brake produced by our independent company obtained the appearance design patent certificate certified by the State Intellectual Property Office.


The press brake and hydraulic presses produced by HARSLE have obtained CE certification. We Participated in the 6th India BLECH Exhibition in the same year and attracted many overseas customers to place orders on the spot with high-quality machines and professional explanations.


The punching machine and shearing machine produced by our company have successively obtained CE certification. In the same year, the company participated in the Dubai exhibition and passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification.

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365 days a year, 7x24 hours per week and company telephone hotline (+86-25-56200956) service support.



E-mail service support is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. E-mail: support@harsle.com



The company established a technical support and response center, set up a dedicated person to carry out 7x24 hours on duty.


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When necessary, the company will send experienced technical engineers to the site to provide services to users.


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HARSLE has both experienced senior engineers and innovative young engineers, all of them are committed to building better machines.


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Video show is always the best to help customers to choose the right metal sheet shearing, So HARSLE endeavors to create the most attractive and useful videos for you to learn more about our hydraulic shear details in a better way.

HARSLE Metal cutting machine with E200PS

Guillotine Shearing Machine with ELGO P40

QC12Y/K-4x3200 Metal Shearing Machine

ELGO P40T Touch Screen controller

Guillotine Shearing Machine with DAC-310T

Guillotine Shearing Machine with ELGO P40T

HARSLE CE Certificate

In line with EU CE standards, the quality of the machine is guaranteed



HARSLE sales are experienced and friendly, so feel free to contact us when you have question about the machine


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Preparing steps before using hydraulic shearing machine

Please refer to the following page to get more details:

What are the Advantages of Shearing Machine Blade For Cutting Stainless Steel?

Plate shears are machines that use one blade to make reciprocating linear motion relative to another blade to cut plates. By means of the moving upper blade and fixed lower blade, the Shearing Machine Blade For Cutting Stainless Steel with reasonable blade clearance is used to apply a shear force to metal plates of various thicknesses. The plates are broken and separated according to the required size. Plate shears are forging machinery, whose primary function is in the metal processing industry. The products are widely used in aviation, light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, shipbuilding, automobile, electric power, electrical appliances, decoration, and other industries to provide special machinery and complete sets of equipment.

The company produces high, medium, and low-speed plastic crushing and granulation blades, which are made of a variety of alloy materials, including all steel and embedded steel (high-speed steel, cemented carbide, etc.), with different specifications and sizes, including strip and cylindrical; There are dry cutting and water cutting blades, which are suitable for high and low-temperature cutting and shearing machine blades. The company also produces blades for peripheral equipment of injection molding machines, which has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, low noise, and vibration, etc.

What is the development trend of the blade of the shearing machine?

1. Modernization of materials
Among the new trends in the development of plate shear blades, the important thing is the modernization of materials. Many new materials in the new era have begun to become the basic materials for the production of plate shear blades, such as 12CrMoV and 6CrW2Si, which are newly developed new materials. Since they are used as the material of plate shear blades, the performance of plate shear blades has also been greatly improved, and there are more and more kinds of materials that can be used for cutting So that the plate shearing machine has been rapidly popularized.

2. Diversification of uses
Nowadays, there are more and more uses of plate shears. Before, most of the blades of plate shears we saw were used for ordinary and simple plate cutting. Now, many new material blades are used for more and more purposes. For example, we can see the shadow of this new material blade plate shears in factories making stainless steel kitchenware and furniture, This wide application makes the application of plate shears more diversified.

3. Simplification of form
Compared with the previous plate shears, the current plate shears also look much simpler, especially the plate shears made of some new materials are more lightweight and exquisite. Such simple and exquisite blades can also make the plate shears more convenient for application in more industries. In the later production industry of plate shear blades, the refined and simplified blade is also a general trend in the development of plate shear blades.

How to adjust the blade of the shearing machine

There are many kinds of plate shears and different adjustment methods, so no matter what model, it is not the blade of Nanjing shear blades that can be adjusted by anyone. You can ask a professional master to debug, otherwise, you may hurt your body if you don't say it accurately. Before adjusting the clearance, we need to check whether the shear blade is repaired or adjusted after changing the blades. We should carefully adjust them step by step according to the type and thickness of materials.

First, adjust the screw in the stop on the workbench. After rotating the screw, the workbench can move back and forth, so as to adjust the gap between the upper and lower blades. The indicating machine installed on the column can read the movement of the worktable. When the blade gap is too large, the cutting part of the plate will be deformed and burred; If the blade clearance is too small, the plate will be crushed, and the machine tool will be damaged in serious cases. Therefore, it is very important to adjust the clearance of the blade of the plate shear.

How to adjust the blade gap of shearing machine?

Please refer to the following page to get more details:

What are the features of a shearing machine?

HARSLE guillotine machine cutter supplier will introduce you what is shearing machine. A shearing machine is a machine that uses one blade for reciprocating linear motion shear plate with another blade. It's a used blade and a fixed blade, using a reasonable blade, to apply shear force to the metal sheets of various thicknesses, and to make the board break apart at the size of the required size. Shearing machine is a kind of forging machinery, the main function is metal processing industry. The products are widely used in aviation, light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, ship, automobile, electric power, electric appliance, decoration and other industries to provide the special machinery and complete equipment.

Special plate shears
Cooperate with other equipment for special purpose:
1. Cold bending molding line shears: for example, the special shears that are used in the production lines such as the cold bending line of the automobile longitudinal beam, the side baffle plate production line, the color steel plate molding line, etc.;
2. Shearing machine for steel structure production line: it is mainly used for cutting process of Angle steel and h-beam automatic production line;
3. Plate shearing machine: it is used for high speed shearing machine designed to meet the requirement of fast cutting of the production line, and the thick plate line is mostly hydraulic high-speed shearing machine, and the thin plate line is equipped with pneumatic shearing machine. High-speed online with flying shears, continuous production, high efficiency.

Diagonal cutting machine
Shearing machine of upper and lower blade into a point of view, generally on the blade is tilted, the slope Angle is commonly 1 ° to 6 °. The shear of the diagonal shear is smaller than the flat blade, so the power of the motor and the weight of the whole machine is reduced, and the most practical application, the shearing machine is producing these kind of shears.

Flat blade shears
The shear quality is good, the distortion is small, but the shear force is large and the energy consumption is large. More mechanical transmission. The two blades of the shearing machine are parallel to each other, and are often used in the hot shearing of the rolling mill and the slab. According to its shear mode can be divided into upper cut and lower cut type.

Multi-purpose shears
1. Combined punching and shearing machine: the shear of the plate can be finished, and the profile can be cut.
2. Plate bending and shearing machine: the process of cutting and bending can be accomplished on the same machine.

What are the types of shearing machines?

Special shearing machine
Use with other equipment to complete special purposes:
1. Shearing machine for cold bending forming line: such as special shearing machine configured on production lines such as automobile longitudinal beam cold bending line, carriage side baffle production line, color steel plate forming line, etc.;
2. Shearing machine for steel structure production line: it is mostly used for angle steel and H-beam automatic production line to complete the shearing process;
3. Plate opening and leveling line shearing machine: It is a high-speed shearing machine designed to meet the requirements of high-speed cutting of the production line. It is used on the plate uncoiling and leveling line. The thick plate line is mostly hydraulic high-speed shearing machine, and the thin plate line is more Equipped with pneumatic shearing machine; high-speed line is equipped with flying shearing machine, continuous production and high efficiency.

Inclined blade shears
The upper and lower blades of the shearing machine are at an angle. Generally, the upper blade is inclined, and the inclination angle is generally 1° to 6°. The shearing force of the inclined blade shearing machine is smaller than that of the flat blade shearing machine, so the motor power and the weight of the whole machine are greatly reduced, and the practical application is the most.

Flat blade shears
The shearing quality is good, the distortion is small, but the shearing force is large and the energy consumption is large. More mechanical transmission. The upper and lower cutting edges of the shearing machine are parallel to each other, and are often used in hot-cutting billets and slabs in rolling mills.

Multipurpose shears
1. Ironworker machine: it can complete the shearing of the sheet and the profile, which is mostly used for the blanking process;
2. Sheet metal bending and shearing machine: that is, two processes of cutting and bending can be completed on the same machine.

What is a guillotine shear?

The gate shear adopts frame structure and all steel welding; Four corner octahedral right angle guide rail, high precision, good rigidity, and hydraulic preloading. The hydraulic system adopts two-way cartridge integrated valve; The whole system adopts; In addition, it can be equipped with stroke digital display, photoelectric protection device and mobile worktable (convenient for replacing molds). The gate plate shear has the double action function of upper sliding block and lower hydraulic pad. The working pressure stroke can be adjusted according to the process requirements within the specified range. It is easy to operate and centrally controlled by buttons.

Exhibition Style

Since the company was founded, HARSLE has participated in various national and international exhibitions every year

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