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Hydraulic guillotine cesoia is a new type of shearing machine. It adopts new technology and absorbs the advantages of the traditional mechanical shearing machines. It is based on electromechanical and hydraulic integration. The optimized design of the shearing machine solves the problem, which the swing beam shearing machine is easily twisted when cutting narrow plates.

It solves the problems of slow forward speed, high noise, and unreliable operation. Especially through the return stroke of the double nitrogen cylinder, which increases the speed of the tool post by 30%. Through the “UG finite element method”, the hydraulic guillotine shearing machine has good strength and rigidity. After optimizing the design of the hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, on the basis of ensuring that the working accuracy and geometric accuracy meet the Chinese standards, the product materials have been well controlled and utilized.

Cesoia a ghigliottina
Cesoia a ghigliottina

1. Structure of Guillotine Shearing Machine

The hydraulic guillotine shearing machine adopts the frame structure and adopts all-steel welding; the four-corner and eight-sided right-angle guide rails have high precision and good rigidity and adopt hydraulic preloading. The hydraulic system adopts a two-way cartridge integrated valve; the whole system adopts and can be equipped with a stroke digital display, photoelectric protection device, and mobile workbench (for easy replacement of molds), guillotine shearing machine has double action of the upper slide and lower hydraulic cushion Function, the working pressure stroke can be adjusted within the specified range according to the process requirements, and the operation is simple and convenient, and the button is used for centralized control.

Struttura della cesoia
Struttura della cesoia

2. Precisione di taglio

Compared with the swing beam shearing machines, the guillotine shearing machine is a kind of cutting equipment with high cutting precision and good rigidity. Therefore, the higher cutting accuracy of the guillotine shearing machine is mainly reflected in the higher cutting accuracy of the swing beam shearing machine. The following aspects:

  • The material cut by the guillotine shearing machine is smoother and has no burrs. This is because the gap between the swing beam and guillotine blades is less than 4 wires, but about the bearing between the swing arm and the swing frame of the swing beam shearing machine, the clearance of the connection cannot be eliminated. The clearance and the accumulated cutting accuracy deviation of the blade clearance are usually more than 10 filaments. The rear guide rail of the guillotine shearing machine’s body is supported by 4 large bearings, and the front guide rail is supported by 2. The bearing with a compression spring on the back is compressed, so that there is no play between the front and rear guide rails, and the total accuracy deviation of the play and the blade gap is maintained below 4 wires, so the cutting material is more smooth and free of burrs.
Lama di taglio
Lama di taglio
  • The layout of the knife post of the guillotine shearing machine determines the accuracy of the machining accuracy. Compared with the swing beam shearing machine, the knife post of the guillotine shearing machine makes a vertical linear shear motion relative to the attached blade to ensure the cutting of the material. , The straightness of the sheet material distortion is small and the straightness is more correct.
  • Starting from a mechanical point of view, the vertical force of the guillotine shearing machine is more efficient than the force of the side mechanical shearing machine, and the torque is small, which means that it can double power and save time.
  • The guillotine shearing machine is not easy to deform during processing. Because the force point of the tool holder and the blade of the swing beam shearing machine are not in the same line and the distance is far apart, the tool holder is prone to become weak and deformed after a long period of time, which makes the knife sign more obvious. Seriously, some parts of the cut material have burrs, and the guillotine shearing machine are not easily deformed because the cylinder, knife holder, and blade are in the same non-stop line and move perpendicular to the lower blade.
Lama di taglio
Lama di taglio
  • The guillotine shearing machine can achieve angle adjustment to ensure the processing accuracy. It can quickly adjust the oil volume of the two engineering cylinders to achieve angle adjustment: the cutting angle is enlarged, the cutting capacity is increased, and the cutting angle is reduced. The cut rate is accelerated, the bending of the plate is reduced, and the cutting angle of the swing beam shearing machine is a fixed angle, and the cut rate cannot be adjusted.
  • Due to the linear motion perpendicular to the lower edge of the guillotine shear blade, the rectangular blade with the four-sided edge is directly applied, and the application life of the blade is doubled.

3. Cutting Angle

  • The cutting angle of the swing beam shearing machine is a fixed angle, and the cutting speed cannot be adjusted.
  • The guillotine shearing machine realizes angle adjustment by quickly adjusting the oil volume of the upper and lower chambers of the two engineering cylinders: the cutting angle is enlarged, the cutting capacity is increased, the cutting angle is reduced, the cutting speed is increased, and the bending of the plate is reduced.

4. Cylinder Life

The semicircular block of the built-in oil cylinder used in the swing beam shearing machine is difficult to lubricate and is not easy to repair, and the upper and lower chambers of the engineering oil cylinder of the guillotine shearing machine do not need additional lubrication, which greatly improves the service life.

Shearing Machine Cylinder
Shearing Machine Cylinder

5. Blades of Guillotine Shearing Machine

  • Because the blade point of the cesoia a trave oscillante knife holder moves in an arc shape when working, only the diamond blade with the two-sided edge can be used. While the guillotine shearing machine knife holder uses the four sides directly because of the linear movement perpendicular to the lower edge. The rectangular blade with the cutting edge makes the service life of the blade doubled.
Lama di taglio
Lama di taglio
  • Rectangular blades can easily cause twists and twists to cut the plates. The narrower the material cut, the more serious it is. Rectangular blades can avoid this defect.

6. Characteristics of Guillotine Shearing Machine

  • The frame adopts a closed integral steel plate welding structure, and the stress is eliminated by vibration (good accuracy retention).
  • Adopt advanced integrated hydraulic system (fewer failures, easy maintenance), high-pressure tubing (easy maintenance, easy replacement), simple layout, good reliability, and beautiful appearance.
  • Three-point support rolling guide is adopted to eliminate the support gap and improve the cutting accuracy.
Cesoia idraulica
Cesoia idraulica
  • Electric adjustment of tool spacing: accurate and convenient (CNC available).
  • Electric adjustment of the cutting angle: the cutting angle increases, the cutting capacity increases (overload cut can be appropriate), the cutting angle decreases, and the cutting speed increases (up to 20 strokes per minute when cutting thin plates).
  • The high-pressure gear pump is selected for smooth cutting and low noise.

7. Advantages of Guillotine Shearing Machine

  • Solve the problem that the hydraulic swing beam shearing machine is easy to twist when cutting narrow plates.
  • Solved the problems of low return speed, high noise and unreliable operation of hydraulic swing beam shearing machine.
  • In the case of a broken connector, the safety and reliability of the machine tool can be ensured.

8. Maintenance Skills

  • The oil should be changed once within one month of operation of the new machine. And once a year thereafter, the oil tank should be cleaned every time the oil is changed.
  • Check the oil level of the oil tank every month. If the hydraulic system is repaired, it should also be checked. If the oil level is lower than the oil window, add hydraulic oil.
Shearing Machine Oil
Shearing Machine Oil
  • The hydraulic oil used by the shearing machine is No. 46 hydraulic oil or No. 32 hydraulic oil, which can be used according to actual conditions.
  • The filter should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned every time the filter is changed.
  • The oil temperature of the system should be between 35-60 and not more than 70. If it is too high, it will cause deterioration and damage of the oil quality and accessories.
  • If the shearing machine has related alarms or other filter abnormalities such as unclean oil, replace it in time.

A guillotine shearing machine, often referred to simply as a guillotine shear or shearing machine, is a mechanical device used in metal fabrication and manufacturing processes to cut sheet metal and other materials into desired shapes and sizes. The name “guillotine” is derived from the similarity in motion to the historical guillotine execution device, where a blade descends vertically to make the cut.

Here are some key features and components of a guillotine shearing machine:

Blade: The guillotine shear has a sharp, upper blade and a fixed lower blade. The upper blade is attached to a ram or beam that moves vertically to make the cutting action. The blades are typically made of high-quality tool steel to ensure a clean and precise cut.

Back Gauge: Many guillotine shearing machines are equipped with a back gauge system, which is an adjustable stop that helps position the workpiece accurately before making the cut. This ensures consistent and repeatable cuts.

Clamping System: Guillotine shears often have a clamping mechanism to hold the workpiece securely in place during the cutting process. This prevents material slippage and ensures precise cuts.

Cutting Capacity: Guillotine shearing machines come in various sizes and capacities to accommodate different thicknesses and widths of sheet metal and other materials. The cutting capacity is determined by factors such as the length of the blades and the machine’s overall construction.

Control Panel: Modern guillotine shearing machines may have an integrated control panel for setting parameters like cutting length, cutting angle, and back gauge position. Some machines also have programmable controllers for automation.

Foot Pedal or Hand Controls: Operators can control the machine’s cutting action using foot pedals or hand controls, depending on the machine’s design.

The operation of a guillotine shearing machine involves placing the workpiece between the blades, aligning it with the back gauge, and activating the machine to make the cut. The upper blade descends quickly and cleanly shears through the material, producing a straight and precise cut.

Guillotine shearing machines are commonly used in various industries, including metalworking, automotive, aerospace, and construction, for tasks such as cutting sheet metal, plates, and other flat materials. They are valued for their accuracy, speed, and versatility in producing consistent cuts in various thicknesses and sizes of materials.

Cesoia idraulica
Cesoia idraulica

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