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4 Tips You Need to Know About Grooving Machine

V-grooving Machine

After the grooving machine performs V-grooving on the metal sheet, the bending force required for bending the sheet is reduced. So that the long plate can also be bent on a smaller tonnage bending machine. It can scribe line grooves on the metal sheet, which is used to pre-position the length of the bending side before bending. And then bend it on the bending machine according to the prescribed line groove, so as to ensure the length of the bending side. Of high precision.

It is also possible to control the depth of the slotting of the metal sheet. So that some special bending materials can be bent and formed on an ordinary bending machine. If the sheet metal to be folded is not grooved, some special bending materials will not be able to be bent by the bending machine. Or a specially designed complex mold will be used to complete the work.

V-grooving Machine
V-grooving Machine

1. Performance of V-grooving Machine

  • The v-grooving machine and beam are designed with frame structure. The work table is made of 50mm low alloy structural steel, and the frame is made of 20mm Q235 steel plate. And the overall rigidity of the machine tool is good.
  • Made in strict accordance with the machining process of machine tools, using electric furnace tempering to eliminate welding stress and reduce equipment deformation.
  • The machine parts are fixed by hydraulic clamping system The grooving speed is fast and the hydraulic system is added with accumulator compensation. The motor works intermittently, saves energy, and controls oil temperature.
  • The grooving machine uses three tool holders to process the V-groove. So the cutting amount is evenly distributed, reducing the deformation of the workpiece. And the optional cooling system can prolong the service life of the tool and reduce the production cost.
  • The beam of the machine is driven by tin bronze helical gears, 45 steel forgings quenched and tempered helical racks. QH silent guide rails, and the moving speed can be adjusted by frequency.
  • The tool post transfer device of the slotting machine uses SFSR silent ball screw and QR roller heavy-duty linear guide, so it has high precision.
Grooving Machine
Grooving Machine
  • The grooving machine can be processed both vertically and horizontally, and has a process to realize the processing function of the front and back of the plate.
  • The use of the slotting machine can be completed only by inputting the keyboard and the processing program. According to the difference of the operator and the material, the processing speed can be adjusted by the knob, which is convenient for the operator to operate.
  • The slotting machine table has a self-healing function. During the use process, customers can self-plan the table according to their own requirements to ensure the processing accuracy.

2. Difference Between Vertical Grooving Machine And Horizontal Grooving Machine

  • Processing range: The vertical grooving machine has more than a dozen pressure plates and more than a dozen clamps to automatically clamp the plate material. No matter the size of the plate, it can be easily processed. It can be grooved horizontally and vertically. Small workpieces are 80*80mm. The horizontal type is only suitable for When the large sheet is planed, after the longitudinal planning goes through the groove. Due to the deformation of the sheet, it cannot be clamped horizontally, resulting in the horizontal not being able to plan the groove.
V-grooving Machine
V-grooving Machine
  • Loss of electric energy: When vertical planning is used, the tool holder part does reciprocating movement, and its weight is about 60kg. When horizontal planning is used, the gantry and tool holder part do back-and-forth movement together. And its weight is about 1000kg, and its energy loss is vertical. 10 times the formula.
  • Accuracy: The depth of the CNC machine is directly related to the effect of the corner. If the depth error reaches 0.05mm, the bending position R will be different. When the CNC grooving machine is working, the planer to the table top is fixed in a straight line, and the distance accuracy from the tool tip to the table top is controlled in the range of 0.02mm. Horizontal grooving When the machine is working, the knife faces a platform with a width of 1.5 meters and a length of more than 4 meters.
  • Processing technology: The vertical worktable is made of die steel as a whole after heat treatment and then finely ground by a grinder. The surface is fine to the mirror effect. The horizontal worktable is welded and processed by ordinary iron plates. The hardness of stainless steel plates is higher than its hardness, shavings, damaged blades, etc., make the countertop pitted, which is why the processed product is speckled.
  • The vertical type clamps the workpiece automatically by hydraulic pressure, automatically locates and works automatically, and the operator is far away from the moving part of the machine tool. The horizontal CNC grooving machine clamps the workpiece within the machine tool movement range. The gantry moves at high speed, and the control part runs together with the gantry, it is easy to cause injury to the operator, and there is a big problem.
  • Installation: The vertical type is welded by steel plates, with high strength and stable and quiet operation. As long as it is leveled and installed on a flat and solid cement floor, it can work stably. It is very convenient to move and hoist. The horizontal type has a large impact force due to the high-speed operation of the gantry.
Grooving Processing
Grooving Processing

3. Importance of Safe Use of V-grooving Machine

Because the layout of the machine itself is relatively complex and the area is relatively large, it brings a lot of difficulty to cleaning. You can clean the grooving machine for half a year, use a brush to brush off the dust outside, use cleaning fluid to clean the dust-removed place, and put it in a ventilated place so that there will be no rust.

When using the grooving machine, lubricate the shaft and some lubrication positions, and the grooving machine cannot be frequently loaded. If in winter, the closed grooving machine should be placed indoors, and antifreeze should be placed. When using the grooving machine at ordinary times, if there is a problem, it needs to be cleaned up in time.

Grooving Machine
Grooving Machine
  • Workers should wear tight work clothes with tight cuffs and protective caps.
  • Before operation, check whether the components and safety equipment are damaged, and check whether the electrical parts of the equipment are OK.
  • When the machine tool is working, it is not allowed to adjust, measure the workpiece and change the smoothing method, so as not to touch the tool and bruise the fingers.
  • Do not clean up waste by hand during operation.
  • When loading and unloading workpieces, the clamps should be withdrawn to a safe position.

4. How to Make V-grooving Machine Operate Correctly to Exert Its Greater Effect

First, the slotted line should be designed, and the specific position design should be carried out according to the slotted line. Confirm the position with the line of sight on the front roller. Moreover, the staff should also check whether the power switch of some grooving machine equipment is powered on.

Both hands need to keep the rear handle and the front handle to check the grooving machine. If the power switch is not pressed, the grooving machine product will automatically work. If this happens, then we should also stop the next operation of the equipment.

Sheet Metal Grooving
Sheet Metal Grooving

Secondly, if the grooving machine of one of the decoration slotting tools is ready to start, before starting, the front wheel of the equipment and the wall should be tightly attached to each other. Maybe at this time, you will find that the rear wheel of the equipment maintains a floating state. If the staff has confirmed the location, the switch needs to be turned on in time.

During the operation, keep your hands steady. Slotted lines can provide many references in most cases. Make it close to the wall according to the condition of the rear wheel of the decoration grooving tool. If the sound of the tool is heard at high speed, the staff needs to use one hand to make the rear wheel of the vehicle and the wall sticker to the wall before grooving.

Grooving Machine
Grooving Machine

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