Trouble Shootings of Hydraulic Shearing Machines

Trouble shootings of hydraulic shearing machines are important. The hydraulic shearing machines are a kind of machine which uses the moving upper blade and the fixed lower blade, uses the reasonable blade gap, applies the shearing force to the metal plate of various thicknesses, causes the plate to cut and separate according to the required size.

Reasons why hydraulic shearing machine cannot add nitrogen

1 First need to know the type of hydraulic shearing machine you are using, whether it is a swing beam type or a guillotine type. The hydraulic guillotine type shearing machine only needs to press the operation button to add nitrogen. Trouble shootings of hydraulic shearing machine.

2 Check whether the nitrogen bottle used is full or not

3 Check the pressure gauge on the hydraulic shears to see the switch is turned on or not. If it is not on, check whether the switch is blocked, this is related to whether nitrogen can be added

4 There is another reason why the nitrogen cannot be added, that is, the knife holder on the hydraulic shearing machine has not come up. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the main cylinder of the hydraulic shearing machine is stuck. In this case, even if more nitrogen is flushed, it is useless. Trouble shootings of hydraulic shearing machine.

Analysis of common problems of hydraulic shearing machine cylinder:

1 Insufficient oil supply of hydraulic pump: Because the internal parts of the hydraulic pump are worn, the volumetric efficiency of the pump will be reduced, the load of the cylinder will increase, and the speed of the pump delivered to the cylinder will not reach the specified value.

2 Connection of hydraulic cylinder and load: When the connection method of the load is not accurate, it will cause the speed of the cylinder to slow down when it moves. Trouble shootings of hydraulic shearing machine.

3 There is a problem in the structure of the hydraulic cylinder: the end surface of the piston and the end surface of the cylinder are closely connected together, and the bearing area of the piston is insufficient when it is started, and the speed of the hydraulic shearing machine cylinder is slowed when the load cannot be pushed.

4 The overflow valve is faulty: if the valve core of the overflow valve is stuck in the open position, the hydraulic oil overflows from the overflow valve back to the oil tank, which will reduce the flow of the oil cylinder and cause under speed. Trouble shootings of hydraulic shearing machine.

5 The volume of the accumulator is small or the inflation pressure is reduced

Precautions for blades of hydraulic shearing machine

The blade models of hydraulic plate shears can be divided into hydraulic swing beam shears and hydraulic guillotine shears. As a very important cutting and forging mechanical part, the blade of shears is widely used in various fields. The cutting surface can obtain good straightness and smoothness, and ensure the high quality of the workpiece. Trouble shootings of hydraulic shearing machine.

First of all, when using hydraulic shearing machine blades, it is not allowed to cut the laminated steel plate material, there is no need to trim the edges of the edging steel sheet material, and there is no need to cut the narrow sheet material that is not tightly pressed. Sharp, if there is dullness or cracking, it should be replaced or repaired in time. The gap between the blade of the shears is also critical, it is best to adjust it according to the thickness of the sheet to keep it within the allowable range Inside, when the hydraulic shearing machine is working, the material pressing device should firmly press the sheet, and the shearing cannot be performed in the state of not pressing tightly, so as to avoid accidents.

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