Common Problems And Precautions of Hydraulic Shearing Machines

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1. Reasons for chipping (or crack) in shearing machine blade

Hydraulic shearing machines are used in many processing processes. During use, due to the unreasonable operation of customers, the phenomenon of tool chipping often occurs. Generally, it is often easy to cause collapse, which may be caused by some of the following aspects:

  • First of all, it may be that the board to be cut is too hard. At first, according to the customer’s material and thickness requirements, we recommended the right model. However, after the customer receives the machine, sometimes other materials and thicknesses are cut, resulting in damage to the blade. Therefore, we cannot use one tool to cut all materials. If we encounter very hard materials, we can suggest customers replace the tool.
  • Secondly, when cutting different plates and different thicknesses, the blade gap needs to be adjusted according to the corresponding material and thickness. An improper blade gap will lead to chipping.
  • Again, when cutting round steel, it is most likely to cause chipping. If it is this kind of material, we need to be extra careful.
  • Finally, it may be the quality problem of the blade itself
Blade Chipping of Shearing Machine
Blade Chipping of Shearing Machine

2. Steps for oil change of hydraulic shearing machines

  • Drain the waste oil in the hydraulic press
  • Remove the filter element for cleaning or replacement
  • Clean the entire fuel tank
  • Close the fuel tank cap, and then fill in oil from a clean or new filter.
  • Finally, the machine works normally

3. How to adjust the blade gap

Whether it is a guillotine shearing machine or a swing beam shearing machine, when adjusting the blade gap, it needs to be based on different plates and different thicknesses. We adjust the blade gap, according to the ratio of 1:0.08 for the swing beam shearing machine and 1:0.01 for the guillotine shearing machine, and adjust the scale on our machine accordingly. Improper adjustment can cause blade damage.

Réglage de l'écartement des lames
Réglage de l'écartement des lames

4. Guillotine shearing machine cannot work normally, and there is no response when stepping on the foot switch

When this problem occurs, there are generally two cases

  • The valve group light is on, but the machine does not respond. At this time, we should consider that the valve block is stuck in the valve, there are dirty things in it, and the valve block needs to be disassembled for cleaning.
Valve Block of Shearing Machine
Valve Block of Shearing Machine
  • The valve group light does not light up, and the blade cannot come down. The allowable tolerance (X-axis value) set in the system exceeds the tolerance range, so the machine cannot work normally; if the tolerance is within the range, the machine is also normal, but the foot switch still does not respond, we should consider the electrical cabinet. A component is tripped or stuck.
Electrical Cabinet
Electrical Cabinet

5. Why can we choose a guillotine shearing machine to cut narrow plates instead of a swing beam shearing machine?

Considering the principle, the guillotine shearing machine moves in a straight line, so the sheared plates are parallel and without deformation; while the swing beam shearing machine moves in an arc, and when the blade falls, the sheared plate is twisted and deformed.

Principe de fonctionnement
Principe de fonctionnement

6. Guillotine shearing machine needs to be pressurized every 3 days, but there is no oil leakage.

Generally, it is because the oil cylinder leaks, the valve block cannot lock the oil or the ball valve cannot be closed. In this case, it is a chronic oil leak, and the general customer cannot detect it with the naked eye. So we can screen by checking all the pipes, joints, and cylinder seals.

Cylinder Seals
Cylinder Seals

7. The back gauge of the guillotine shearing machine cannot work

Generally, in this situation, we can consider the following two reasons for analysis:

  • The parameters in the system are different from the actual situation, and the precision ratio adjusted by the customer is not optimal.
  • The two back gauges are not in a straight line, or the ball screw and linear guide are worn, causing the back gauge to not work properly
  • Because the encoder of the back gauge is damaged and loose, the values ​​of the back gauge and the system do not match.
Back Gauge
Back Gauge

8. What should do if the knife holder does not return ( or the knife holder cannot go up)?

Many customers often encounter the problem that the blade holder of the hydraulic shearing machines does not go up. It’s caused by insufficient air pressure. The specific operation can be seen as follows:

  • Enter the E21S system and manually adjust the cutting angle A. Press the A-button to keep the knife holder level.
  • Open the ball valve on the top of the shearing machine (next to the nitrogen bottle), and let the knife rests fall down.
  • Press and hold the black fill button on the side of the E21S control system. When the pressure gauge shows 8-9Mpa, release the button.
  • Close the ball valve.
  • Enter the E21S system again to manually adjust the cutting angle, press the A+ key, and the tool rest can rise.
Shearing Machine System
Shearing Machine System

9. What should do if the knife holder does not come down?

First, check whether the valve group is energized. If it still can’t come down when the power is on, set the machine to semi-automatic mode, then step on the pedal to cut, and keep pressing it to see if the valve group above is on. If the red light is on, it means the valve block may be stuck, and the valve block needs to be disassembled for cleaning.

Electric box problem: Check if there is a trip in the electric control box, and if there is a sound in the electric control box when you try to step on the foot switch, maybe the contactor is stuck.

10. Reasons for burrs and continuous cutting of the shearing machine

  • It is estimated that there is a problem with the material of the blade of the shearing machine.
  • The blade gap is not adjusted properly.
  • Whether the skid plate is damaged.

11. Adjustment of hydraulique shearing machine pressure

This gear-shaped valve is used to adjust the pressure. If it is clockwise, it will increase the pressure, and if it is counterclockwise, it will decrease the pressure. The pressure will be displayed on this pressure gauge. However, under normal circumstances, the total pressure value cannot be seen in the empty test machine. You must find a thick plate that exceeds the unit of the machine tool. For example, if the machine tool is 6*2500, you need a 10mm or 12mm plate to put pressure inside, and then When the shear does not work, the pressure gauge will increase to the maximum pressure, and the pressure will generally be adjusted to twenty. If the valve is loosened during maintenance, then an adjustment needs to be made, clockwise is to increase, and counter-clockwise is to decrease.

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